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Today  we had an immersion assembly . it was about “ Transformers” not the cars but how we can transform our bodies and expressions around different people . There was drama , make up , acting , facial expressions and much more . While we were watching the teachers act there was one teacher that was the funniest out of all of the teachers that performed . They had made jokes about our principal named Mr Burt . He had called him Mr flirt Mr hurt and much more funny names . Mr Burt was quite surprised Mr wise man would say that , but Mr wise man told him he was being funny and trying to joke around . 





  I went to the Night markets with my Family and The best food I have ever tasted was this Butter chicken and Naan bread I bought at the night markets It was A little spicy but when you put all of the food  together It tastes just right when I have butter chicken at the night markets I always get some from this stand I go to the night markets in Botany.    

Whilst we were at the night markets we always go to the Sushi stand he always gives us the best sushi he has a stand that is very popular and loads of people go there his sushi comes with 6 pieces of sushi and It comes with ginger and wasabi I don’t like the wasabi because It Is very spicy and it tastes weird i also don’t like it because i think it has a strong smell . 

After we eat we always get some ice cream or dessert from the night markets and we have a waffle cone with chocolate and sprinkles and chocolate flakes on it. My favourite thing on  the ice cream is the waffles in the ice cream. It has chocolate melted on it as well. 


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