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Nate climate change

CLIMATE CHANGE is the single biggest health threat facing humanity.climate impacts are already harming health through air pollution disease,extreme weather events force displacement pressures on metal health and increased hunger and poor nutrition places where people can    having  a massive impact on us because the weather patterns change and the temperature does as well. It is so dangerous it’s approximately  going to cause up to 250,000 deaths per year. Climate change is caused by greenhouse gas emissions and it blankets the earth’s atmosphere  and also traps heat around the earth. The effects climate change has on earth. Warmer temperatures over time are changing weather patterns and disrupting the usual balance of nature.  We will need to solve climate change.


Climate change has been going on  since the 19th century. That is nearly 2000 years.climate

change is a very dangerous thing because people can get sick and get infected.  When climate change has started we have been aware of getting injured changes in temperature cause changes in rainfall climate change has changed the temperature so much that when an ice block has been frozen  moments later it was melted that shows how bad climate change is.

But in greenhouse gases there are CO2, carbon dioxide, methane, Nitrous oxide,hydro chlorofluorocarbon And ozone. These greenhouse emissions are very dangerous and can give you infections and can get you sick.

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